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1 day tour

Explore the delights of Santorini in one single day!

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2 days tour

Stay one night in Santorini and watch its beautiful sunset!

Santorini 2 days tour programme

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We arrange your transport from your hotel to the port.
From Heraklion area it is FREE of charge.

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From Heraklion to Santorini

If you are planning your holiday in Crete, do not miss the volcanic island of Santorini to visit.

Why is it worth visiting Santorini?

  • Santorini is a very unique island with its own character and style.
  • You can see a live volcano which is the "trademark" of Santorini. There is an opportunity to go close to the volcano by a tradiditonal wooden boat and see the various gasses and smoke coming out from the ground.
  • Just by the volcano there is the so-called Hot Springs which is basically a part of the beach full of sulfur in the water. The water there is very warm and muddy, which is good for your skin and this is all due to the volcano.
  • You will experience not classic beaches in Santorini. Santorini has characteristic beaches with white, red or black sand that show the signs of volcanic activity 3,500 years ago.
  • You can taste Vinsanto, the most traditional wine of Santorini. There is a fair number of wineries on the island, each one making a unique flavour of Vinsanto and other kinds of wine.
  • Taking a donkey ride is one of the most popular activities on Santorini or in the capital town of Fira you can also use Cable car to get down to the old port.
  • The sunset of Santorini is probably the most famous in the world. It is gorgeous from every part of the island, thousands of couples in love come to Santorini every year to see the sunset or get married with this lovely background.

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